Our experience of recent décades in managing insurance portfolios has reassured us in our strategy.

We have found that only targeted solutions provide real added value for our clients. Our constant ability to adapt to the needs of the heads of the Human Resources and Finance departments is the cornerstone of our relationship.

This interaction, which is necessary on a daily basis, makes it possible to anticipate and therefore provide the most appropriate solutions at all times. This is why, in most cases, we negotiate insurance contracts with annual termination clauses in order to guarantee total freedom to our customers and thus benefit from the best offers on the market.

In addition, there may be numerous overlaps between the various risk coverages. This situation generates unnecessary costs at the expense of service improvements or additional funds that can be used for the company's investments.

Our proactivity goes far beyond insurance advice; we are involved in the various processes of the departments concerned and thus are able to plan ahead and support you in the changes to be made.

We offer free information sessions to answer any questions employees may have about their social benefits and thus highlight the efforts made by the company, particularly in improving certain types of coverage, regardless of the circumstances.

In addition, we develop tailor-made solutions for Human Resources departments that reduce and simplify their administrative burden for all insurance matters.

Finally, we audit most of the risks to be covered annually so that the contracts are always in line with market prices and your real needs. In this way, possible gaps in coverage, which could compromise the company, are avoided.