Our activity is essentially based on the exact estimation of risks, which is essential in the negotiation with the insurance partners that are required to cover them.

This synergy optimally safeguards your interests, in particular through an accurate assessment of the risks to be insured for the entire duration of the contracts.

Our methodology is based on an audit report of 70 to 150 pages depending on the specificities and complexity of our clients' structures, in terms of risks, social policy and economic requirements.

This audit will enable you to make substantial savings, allowing you,for example, to improve coverage for certain risks or the social benefits of your employees.

To achieve this result, we carry out a detailed analysis of the history of contracts over the past 5 years. This provides an initial basis for reflection on the increase or decrease in the risks to be covered and their loss experience. This allows us to assess the relevance of the contracts and the amount of premiums paid.

Indeed, the accuracy of our analyses is the key to our success and has earned us a solid reputation with national and international insurance companies.